Our treatments allow a coherent global oral care.

Routine oral examination

Ideally, a dental exam is required twice a year to detect and prevent possible problems with the teeth, the gums and the surrounding tissues of the oral cavity.

Conservative Dentistry

So-called „conservative“ dental care consists in preventing and treating caries induced cavities, as well as small fractures and cracks in temporary teeth (children) as well as permanent teeth (adults).

Endodontics: root canal treatments

In some cases tooth decay requires root treatment (endodontic treatment) to allow the tooth to be preserved for as long as possible.

Periodontal treatments

This includes the care of the gums surrounding the tooth, as part of the treatment of periodontitis to prevent and treat future problems.

Prosthetic Dental Treatments

In some cases, composite resin fillings are not sufficient to permanently restore/replace a severely decayed tooth (caries, fractures, etc.): fixed prosthetics may be necessary.

Dental aesthetics

Dental bleaching at home is a gentle and effective method of achieving tooth whitening: after making thermoformed trays, the product can be used at home for 1 to 2 weeks under supervision.


Teeth grinding can lead to tooth wear, as well as long-term muscle and joint problems. In such cases, appropriate treatment with a Night-Guard is indicated.

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